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Together, we can
achieve what you are looking for!

Do you want us to work side by side
to reach your next goals?
So get ready to take off!

Hi! I am Angélica Yunuhén, an expert in Graphic Design, Advertising Design and a tireless learner of life. If there is something that makes me very happy, it is being able to materialize your ideas, because that is my mission: to help you make those dreams come true. Come with me, I'll show you.


These are the
benefits you get:

Optimize your brand image

A nice logo, the ideal colors, legible fonts and everything behind the visual language. All this with coherence and consistency in social media.

Let them see you

Because it's not just about looking great, but about getting noticed and reaching your desired audience.

Convey your value

Yes, your values matter. Your customers will feel identified with your product and/or service, with your language, with your philosophy.

Communicate assertively

Know the what, the how and where to say it.

Demonstrate your professionalism and confidence

Let's face it, a bad design makes us look elsewhere. A good design is your showcase to get those clients you are looking for and generate their total trust.

Save you valuable time

I know how important it is to manage each process, and how valuable it is for you to reach the goal in the shortest possible time

This is what I do



Angelica Yunuhen | Branding Identity



Angelica Yunuhen | Editorial Design



Angelica Yunuhen | Print Media

Infographic &


Angelica Yunuhen | Infographics & Illustration


Label & 3D

Angelica Yunuhen | Packaging & Label

Social Media &


Angelica Yunuhen | Social Media


& UI

Angelica Yunuhen | Website & UI Design



Angelica Yunuhen | Image Edition

Don't you have time right now and prefer to get straight to the point?

Tell me what you need, I'll help you!

Curiosity is your thing, and you want to know who I worked with, for how long

and what I did there?

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