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A little bit of my story


I still remember how, being a small kid, hours passed by while I drew in my notebooks characters, scenarios and any crazy idea that came to mind.

As I grew older I understood the importance of visual language, so I had the great desire to dig into this. That's why I decided to study Advertising Design, this specialty allowed me to project people's ideas and communicate them with a specific purpose.

After completing my studies and without hesitation, I graduated after six months and found my first job, I wanted to eat the world in one bite! Then, thanks to have worked on an airline, publishers, advertising agencies, newspapers and magazines, I began to acquire extremely valuable knowledge.

Over the years, I moved to Spain, with many illusions knowing that a great change and great opportunities would be coming! Fifteen years later, with my roots firmly planted, here I remain, going through this fascinating journey, learning and acquiring more knowledge, in continuous growth.

Who would have thought that, after 27 years, the profound love I have for this profession would still be intact, as it has been since the beginning? That would allow me to meet so many fascinating people? And, would give me so much satisfaction after seeing the objectives have been achieved? Let's see what pleasant surprises are yet to come!

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Some interesting facts


Mexico City, Mexico

My current residence is Logroño, La Rioja, Spain

Two nationalities: Mexican and Spanish.


Bachelor of Advertising Design at Centro de Estudios en Ciencias de la Comunicación (CECC). Mexico city, 1992-1996.

Homologized Degree as Graduate from the Ministry of Education of Spain.


My Interests & Hobbies

Visit wonderful places, Photography

Food!, Enjoy nature

Healthy lifestyle, Animals

Know inspirational stories

Watch movies and tv series

Interior gardening

Collect funny memes.​


Curious Facts


Everyday I drink my matcha latte tea around 7 pm, without it, I'm not a person!

Love to cook -and eat of course!-

Some people say I'm a bit friki & geek

What I would do to live in Hogwarts

Love to capture moments with my camera

Gandalf is my mentor.


How I will reach your goals


A plan according to your needs 

I will create an effective design that allows us to achieve the goals, ensuring a positive response in your audience.

Take you step by step through the process

With all information collected, I will deliver the first sketch. This allows to get feedback, in order to polish the design.


Comply with the established times

I know how important it's for you that to well manage time in each process, and how valuable to reach the goal in the shortest possible time.

Give you a unique and creative design

In a nutshell: To deliver a quality product to you. All thanks to the in-depth analysis that was carried out at the beginning.

Where I will direct your goals

This is simple. I will direct them right where the audience you are looking for is located.

  • Do they walk by your new business?

  • Do they search the browsers because they need what you offer?

  • Do they use social networks and prefer to get what you have without leaving home?

Well, we will land directly to their very own hands.


Equipment I use


MSI Prestige P100A. Intel Core i7-9700F. 32GB RAM. 2TB+1TB. RTX 2070 SUPER. ( I can use Mac too!).


HP X34. 3440 x 1440 px.165Hz, 21:9. IPS Technology.


Macro  28 mm f/3.5.

Wide angle 11-22mm f/4-5.6. 

Telephoto 55-200 mm. f/4.5-6.5.

Standard 15-45mm. 


Wacom Intuos Tablet.

Logitech Streamcam Web Camera, Full HD 1080px.

Harman Kardon Soundsticks II.

Jabra Elite 85 H & 7 Active hearphones.

2 External hardrives for backup.


Software I use


Photoshop 2023

Illustrator 2023

Indesign 2023

Lightroom Classic  2023

Premiere 2023

SketchUp Pro 2021

Acrobat PRO


Boxshot 3D

Camtasia 2022

WPS Office

Microsoft Word



In the


















Recent courses and certificates

English, Intermediate Plus B2.2 level

Official Language School "El Fuero de Logroño".

October 2023-June 2024. La Rioja, Spain.


EF SET English Certificate C1 Advanced, 70/100

Link to see the Certificate:

Essential Foundations of Online Marketing 

Certificated by LinkedIn. February 2022.

Design Thinking: Implement the process 

Certificated by LinkedIn. January-February 2022.

Marketing: Copywriting for Social Media 

Certificated by LinkedIn. January 2022.

Marketing Online, Design & Promotion of websites 

Diploma by Centro de Estudios ADAMS, the Government of Spain and the Ministry of Employment and Social Security. April to May, 2019. Madrid, Spain.


Photoshop, Advanced Level 

Certificated by the Ministry of Education and the Government of Spain. February-May, 2011. La Rioja, Spain.


English, Advanced level 

Diploma by KIOSK International, Canada-Mexico. September 2007-October 2008. Xalapa, México.


"Our Product" and "The art of selling service" 

Diploma awarded by Mexicana Airlines. February 1996. México city, México.



First Award, Contest Photography Food,
See Spain 

First Award,  Photography Food Contest of Spain, awarded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain, the Tourism Institute of Spain and See Spain's Facebook Page. September 2013.


San Mateo Poster, Logroño Contest

Third Award on the Poster Contest San Mateo, Logroño, 57 Harvest Festival, awarded by the Government of La Rioja, Spain. August 2013.

1st. Photo Contest "Traditions of La Rioja", The 30 Best Photos 

Exhibition of winning photos, awarded by Riojafoto and the Government of La Rioja. November 2010.

Award for the Best Advertising Campaign of the Year for a Graphic Design Agency 

Recognition by CECC to the best advertising campaign of a graphic design agency. March, 1993.


Professional Experience

Angélica Yunuhén  

Logroño, La Rioja, Spain (remote)

March 2011 - April 2023


    Graphic designer & Translator


  • Corporate Identity

  • Infographics and Digital artwork

  • Editorial design, book covers

  • Packaging, Labels and Print media

  • Social Media, web banners and Website design

  • Translations English-Spanish.

Lioc Editorial  

Sabadell, Cataluña (remote)
July 2017 - September 2018

1 year 2 months


   Graphic designer


  • Infographics and digital art

  • Corporate Identity of Lioc Academy, Lioc Editorial, All Sem Seo

  • Social Media, Web banners, E-newsletters, Website templates

  • Editorial design and book covers

  • Powerpoint presentations for Webinars

  • Print Media.


Logroño, La Rioja, Spain

May 2010 - October 2010

6 months

   Graphic designer, volunteering

  • AMDELAR monthly magazine

  • Social media, Web banners

  • Print Media.

  Graphic designer & Customer service

  • "Multiflyer" monthly newspaper and its advertising

  • Logos and Corporate Stationery

  • Print Media

  • Customer service and cleaning of the store.

Mensajes Publicitarios 

Xalapa, Veracruz, México

July 2009 - October 2009

4 months

   Creative Director

  • Customer service and public relations

  • Photojournalism, Product photography

  • Print Media of Café Gitane, Il Giardino, Xalapa Medical Center

  • Serpentario monthly magazine

  • UCVeracidad newspaper.

Area Diseño 

Xalapa, Veracruz, México

November 2007 - June 2009

1 year 8 months


  Graphic designer

  • Corporate Identity

  • Corporate Manuals for ISO Certification

  • Advertisements for clients

  • Magazine covers

  • Editorial design

  • Export of files for prepress

Revista Líder 

Xalapa, Veracruz, México

March 2006 - October 2006

8 months


Professional experience
About me

Let's get serious, let's take a step forward

I hope you have liked everything you have read on my website, and that it has awakened in you the desire to work together.

Any questions you have or want to know any information that is not on my website, please write in the form below. I will answer you soon!

Or if you prefer, write me directly to my email:


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