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Copyright Infrigement Notice

All the content, which includes the images, photographs, illustrations, my logo and work on this website is the protected work of Angélica Yunuhén. All it's creative and intellectual content is registered and copyrighted protected material.


I take copyright infringement very seriously and regularly scan the internet for any copied material from my website. I have been very successful in tracking down perpetrators and will continue to do so. Please, beware that I will always protect my creative and intellectual property and any transgressors will be dealt with by the full might of the law. 


If you choose to ignore this notice and copy or manipulate any protected material here WITHOUT my express consent BEWARE!, I will find you and I will use all legal resources to resolve the matter which could end up being very costly for you. Think carefully and act wisely and always be original. Copyright infringement is no better than theft or burglary. Is it really worth it?



Angélica Yunuhén

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