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Hell is for real - Book design

I am very pleased to present one of my last fruit harvested. It was an honor and a real pleasure to do the cover design and layout of the book Hell is for Real, for the comedy writer and screenwriter Gary Apple*. The book is extremely funny! I highly recommend it. For those wishing to buy the book online, I leave HERE the link. Gary: Thanks for giving me this experience! I wish you the best of luck with this book, and will be bestseller! *Gary Apple: Is a New York based comedy writer, who has written prime time sitcoms, animation, children’s books, plays,and tons and tons of jokes. A strangely versatile writer, Gary has written everything from an episode of The Simpsons to textbooks for Oxford University Press. Walnut Press recently published his first comic novel, Hell Is For Real, a twisted parody of the bestselling Heaven Is For Real.

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