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My new "baby" has born!!

Memoirs of a Muppets Writer -The Book!

Finally the day has come and my heart is full of joy and happiness!! After some months of hard work (well not too much hehehe) here it is this amazing book I have been waiting for, which I designed the full cover and layouts. But this is not the big part, the most important thing here is that I got the greatest gift to have met the author: Joseph A. Bailey. Through this months, I spent great moments having worked Joe's book. DEAR JOE: I have been very blessed to have met you, I mean it! Thanks for your trust and sharing with me great moments (full of laughs and some tears of beautiful memories, why not saying this) I wish you the best luck with your book! THANK YOOU!! For the people I know will be very interested on buying this book, you will see it on Here it is also an interesting link:

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