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Fall in love with images... and with words aswell

We are very get used to, those of us who are in the world of graphic design to sometimes forgetting or leaving aside the POWER OF WORDS. Lately, I have been obsessed with knowing absolutely everything related to Copywriting, Creative Writing and any method that allows us to connect with our readers.

The importance we give to the "visual" is so great that we suppose that expressing ourselves less through writing has less relevance.

Taking this very important factor into account, I have made several changes to my website, not only to improve the visual language but also to assertively express and communicate what I really want to show the world.

Angélica Yunuhén | El poder de las palabras

Why invest the necessary time on the ABOUT ME page

By researching specialists in the field of Copywriting and having just recently completed some courses on this subject, I began to make notable changes in the content of the About me page. Of course, my intention is to avoid inflating my ego. My only goal is to really show that I am very capable of helping those who need to improve their brand, without neglecting what I offer as a person and not just as a professional, which is equally valuable. I hope you like it!

Angélica Yunuhén | Cambios en página Acerca de mi



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