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I migrate my website

From being ".net" it now becomes ".com", again fall back into my nets.

For 10 years or so I started with a ".com" domain, and by not giving it so much importance I stopped maintaining it, when I realized my noobie mistake it was too late because in order to recover it I had to wait a couple of years so the domain was released, and nobody claimed it, what weirdo would name a domain with both of my names? No one😝 .

Angelica Yunuhen | web
Migro mi web, y esta vez es definitivo

My reasons...

During these years I got the domain with the net ending, but I always knew that this kind of domain was not the most appropriate neither for the content nor for the professional services that I offer (the .net is usually aimed at companies related to technology and telecommunications) so, seeing that my first domain was finally released, I claimed it again, this time it will stay with me.

A ".com" domain has always been the ideal one for my website or for any website where "commerce" is involved.

For now, I will keep both domains (.net and .com), and in the future I will decide whether to keep the ".net" or not.



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