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I will participate in a great project for many months😍

Well, as the title describes it, I will have the tremendous luck of being able to participate and design a great book that, due to its content, will surely have thousands and thousands of online sales!

After working day after day since January, almost four months later it's so close to be completed one of the most extensive creative projects I have had the opportunity to work on: Perfect Body's DNA. It is a beautiful book with 1600 pages that not only teaches how to eat well and healthy, but also includes exercises and activities, as well as recommendations to get a healthy lifestyle with good habits, but the best part is this one: the 28-day food program is perfectly customizable, according to the needs or intolerances of each one, that means it can be configured for those who are lactose intolerant, gluten, walnuts, red meat, etc.

For 28 days, the book will take you by the hand so you not only lose weight, but also acquire excellent eating and activity habits for life.

If you are interested, you can purchase it here:

Just complete the test so the book can have the content you and only you need. Right now the book is only in english but during the next days will be there the spanish version. Isn't it great?

Angelica Yunuhen | Great project



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