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My poster is within the FIVE FINALISTS for San Mateo 2013!!

Today I really can't be more HAPPY !! A couple of weeks ago I decided to participate for the first time in the Contest for the San Mateo Poster, Logroño 2013, and today the tremendous news has just come out: I am one of the five finalists!!! A total of 49 posters were presented, so surely the Jury had a somewhat busy day yesterday to decide XD.

There will only be one week to vote, on August 1 the voting ends so, if you read this and you live in Logroño, I will greatly appreciate your vote! Here is the link to vote: This is already a real trophy for me, if I win I hope I don't get a heart attack from the excitement HAHAHAHA! And if I don't win, I still take with me THE JOY of having been on the 5 best posters of the San Mateo Poster, Logroño 2013 !!! Yeiii !!

THANK YOU ALL !!!! :))))



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