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My poster won the THIRD PLACE!!

After having waited impatiently for about a week, today, in the morning I received "the long-awaited phone call" from the Councilor of the City of Logroño, giving me the excellent news that my poster has been in Third Place!! Next week they will call me again to meet them and pick up my prize.

I feel extremely happy for this small achievement, yes! If there are no unforeseen events during the next year, I threaten to participate again and leave my two poster designs again.

I give a million thanks to my family, friends and people for their valuable votes, and for their tremendous support and words of encouragement!!

For now, I will continue creating, designing and letting so many ideas that I have inside this crazy head land as usual.

THANK YOU ALL !!!! :))))

Angelica Yunuhen | Cartel San Mateo 57 Logroño La Rioja

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