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Fresh news: You can now get my photos in maximum quality!

Just as I could get lost in my notebooks drawing since I was a child, it was in my adolescence when I had my first contact with a camera. A classic Kodak camera fell into my hands and from that moment the interest in photographing everything awoke in me.

​The years have passed and with them, the immense affection that this magical artifact gives me continues to allow me to capture emotions and moments that will remain in indelible memories. I admit it, I have a long way to go to learn about Photography, I consider myself an amateur photographer, with an immense curiosity to learn everything about this amazing world! I am gaining experience in landscape, macro, urban, texture, gastronomy and product photography. I consider myself a fan of authentic beauty!

Due to the immense passion that I have for Photography, from now on, I will be sharing my photos in maximum quality through these agencies: Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, IStock by Getty Images and Dreamstime (for now...).

I am continually uploading more photos and since I am so persistent, I have set myself the goal of reaching at least 3000 photos by the end of 2023, I hope I don't die trying. Check my portfolios from time to time, maybe you can get some surprises!

If you want to take a quick look at my new Photography page, click HERE.



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