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Please, read this important note:

Angelica Yunuhen | I don't work for Lioc Editorial

After some events have taken place, I feel the need to write this publication to clarify certain aspects that, in case of any doubt or confusion, it is better to clarify it on my own:

I currently do not work nor have I been hired by any company, please be suspicious and very careful if someone tells you that I work for their company, publisher or agency, even if they include my photo and my information in their directory as their graphic designer, making believe that they have a teamwork that supports them. These not serious and unprofessional practices speak (and always) very badly about those who practice them.

I also want to add I haven't got any authorization to use the material that I have designed in any medium or platform, including printed media, except in this, my only website and it is only for the purpose of showing the work that I have done to my clients, I owe them all my respect. If you have any questions or if you have obtained any information about it, please contact me. Thanks a lot.

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